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Strategy - Introduction

Strategy is always hard to talk about because there is very little that you can do on the courts that is always right or always wrong. It all depends on what you do well, what your opponents do well, and the situation at the time you make the shot. The best strategies for the beginning players are not the same as the best strategies for the advanced player.

The strategy you select at any given times also depends on your physical condition as well as your opponents physical condition. This is especially true in the Senior Communities.

The ideas presented here are not intended to tell you what you should do, but rather to present you with various idea on Pickleball Strategy that you might try against different opponents or with various partners.

Pickleball in Arizona is mostly played by seniors living in Senior communities, and RV resorts. It's a sport that is enjoyed by all ages, but at present seniors seem to have the most opportunity to play. I happen to be a senior also and have played only with the outdoor ball and almost exclusively play doubles. Therefore my comments on strategy will be devoted to doubles only and may or may not work equally well with the softer indoor ball.