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Pickleball Events - Introduction

On these pages we will list different types of events or activities that pickleball clubs can use to promote Pickleball in their club.

Points of the Compass Format

.....The Compass Format can be used on any tournament with a fairly large number of entries. If you do a search on the Internet you can find an explanation of this format that involves winners and losers moving different directions after each round. However, the basic idea is that everyone starts in Division 1. After round 1, you will move all losers into a 2nd division we will call Division 2. After round 2, all winners in Division 1 will remain in Division 1 and all losers in Division 1 will go into a new Division we will call Division 3. All winners in Division 2 will remain in Division 2, while all losers in Division 2 will go into a new Division we will call Division 4. At this point, we have 4 different divisions and any further losses result in elimination. In this format, everyone is guaranteed at least 3 matches and there will be winners in 4 different divisions. This format works best when entries can be restricted to 16, 32, or 64 teams. It is suggested that a list of alternates be kept for last minute substitutions.

Luck of the Draw Tournament:

.....A Luck of the Draw tournament is one in which players have partners assigned by the Luck of the Draw. It could consist of Men's and Women's doubles one time and Mixed Doubles another time. You could have all ability levels in each category, or you could have a separate division for each ability level such as: "A-Mixed Doubles", "B-Mixed Doubles", and "C-Mixed Doubles". If you combine all ability levels in one category, you should probably not allow "A" players to play with other "A" players and you should either assign handicap points, use a points of the compass format, or a double or triple elimination format.

Choose Your Own Partner:

.....This is a doubles only tournament in which you choose your own partner. Otherwise the choices are exactly the same as the Luck of the Draw tournament described above. These tournaments are almost always divided up into ability groups such as "A", "B", "C" but again the various formats such as points of the compass, double or triple elimination, consolation, or handicapped can be used.

Luck of the Draw Social:

.....This is usually a non-elimination semi-round robin mixed doubles social tournament in which players enter divisions that are organized into ability groups such as "A", "B", "C", "D", or "A-B" & "C-D". You should create groups that fit your club's ability levels.

.....Play in each group will consist of 3 or 4 rounds with each round consisting of 1 game to 11 or 15 (win by 1 point). Matches are scheduled in advance by number with participants playing with as many different partners and opponents as possible.

.....After the schedule by numbers is made, players are assigned their numbers by random draw. A schedule/scorecard should then be printed out for each player that shows which players are playing each round, who they are playing with, and what court they are playing on. For example, player 3 will have a schedule with his/her name at the top and highlighted each round that it appears on the schedule so he can find his/her matches easily. There should also be places on the scorecard to show how many points the player scored for each round plus a place for the total score for all rounds. Sample Score Card (Note: m3 is a man & w3 is a woman)